About ME

I’m a Photographer based in the Tzaneen area. I love to capture people’s memories so that they can look back on moments that would be otherwised lost. Photography is my passion and I have been doing it for almost 5 years… and after all this time I am still learning everyday. It brings joy to my heart to create art in the form of a photograph.

What I Do

Creating memories is more than just taking a photo. It is capturing a moment, frozen in time forever to be rememberedĀ  when looked at. Re-living the moment over and over again in your head as you look at an image that was taken 5 or even 10 years ago. We offer you that experience as we capture your moments on camera. With affordable prices and so many shoots to choose from, you can create lifelong memories. So let u’Nique Photography caprure your moments…


Contact me for event Photography for a custom quote


  • Catalog Shoot
  • Portrait Photoshoot
  • An advertising photo
  • Wildlife photography
  • Black and white

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